Nascido a 4 de Julho




Born on the 4th of July

Produced in 1989 in what was a different USA to the one today or so I thought.
This is one of the classics which won an Oscar for Oliver Stone as director and Tom Cruise for best actor as Ron Kovic.

Based on an Autobiography written by Ron who wanted to be a patriot and serve his country in Vietnam as this is what he had been told (brain washed) his whole life.

The movie starts by making us part of the American dream and we understand how Ronnie and other young men are torn between their decisions to choose country or self.
After being shot on tour everything changes and the dream becomes a nightmare which is maybe what many ex soldier call life.
We often think that the world is confusing today but the truth is it was just as confusing in the 60’s and 70’s and maybe we simply keep repeating history.

The movie has an incredible sound track which I believe comes from tough times producing timeless music as we dig deep into our human spirit.

Most of us never think about the survivors who are scared physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. This movie brings these survivors to the forefront and I don’t think we will ever forget them. “All I want is to be treated like a human being …. I am a veteran help me.”These lines broke my heart.

Leaving home a young man and returning home in a wheel chair is never the plan.
All his memories and life choices come back to haunt him. This train of thought is natural and happens to us all when we make choices that seem to ruin our lives.
The truth is that we made our choices and sometimes we try find comfort in blaming everyone else for having made them.
Unfortunately you can’t go back in time and have to play the game of life with what you have.

This movie makes me think of how we are still today being manipulated by social media, mass media and our political leadership just as back then.

We all have our own wars and many of us have deep scares to prove it. It’s how we decide to move forwards and find a new purpose fuelled by the experiences we have lived through.

Facing the truth can set us free and help heal some scars.
It’s never too late to see the truth and then live for it so that others don’t need to themselves be scared by the worldly lies.

This movie is highly recommended as it opens your mind and challenges your beliefs, hopefully it will inspire you to be one more voice for change before it all starts again …

Tim Vieira