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22 Fev 2024


Tim´s Old School – O Padrinho, de Francis Ford Coppola 

The Godfather – Francis Ford Coppola

As I am on my around the world trip, I finally have some time to watch some of the old classics and decided to start out of respect with The Godfather.

This is one of those movies that keeps you glued to the screen out of fear, respect and pure story telling genius.
The movie starts by having us feel almost as if we part of the family as we flung into a large party. We will feel right at home if we are latin as we really do have lots of uncles and far too many old aunties all kissing us and telling us how cute we were when we were small. Pacino himself looks so young as Michael the son of Don Cornioli, that it takes me some minutes to adjust.

We also see that family is always first and this itself forms part of good old school values, I love it.
Even if you have never watched the movie you will some how know those famous sayings like “Luca bravo sleeps with the fishes…..” and “it’s an offer you can’t resist”, automatically we all know what those mean.
An unforgettable scene has to be the Horse head in the bed, how did they think of that unless some truth was involved, but best not to ask.

It’s also wonderful to see the classic cars and New York back in those days. A whole lot less franchises and many more mom and pop stores, the American dream was alive even with gangsters running around. Today we have new gangsters stealing the dream and they not even that dapper looking.
We also see how the family makes their business seem legitimate by not getting into drugs, but all other underground businesses are fine, weird but it shows that you do need to have some beliefs to keep sane. The movie is very well shot, has an intense story line made real by some great acting performances and a powerful sound track.

We quickly fall in love with the bad guys and want them to win showing us how strongly we are brought into the movie. It’s very realistic, the murders are believable and even a normal Joe could do them if in the same situation, unlike many newer movies where you have to be a marshal arts expert or an ex navy seal to be the hero. The woman are super attractive as they seem totally in love with their men and will do anything and forgive anything for them. The woman are also strong and determined taking no shit from their men, go girls. I never get tired of The Godfather and can only recommend that you watch it again and again. If you ever in a car and hear “Pull over hot, I have to take a leak” you know you’re in trouble, just run !!!



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